Process data, production data, sample data: based on more than 30 years of experience, pdv-software GmbH offers a wide range of different solutions, of which the common feature is the extraction of comprehensive information from existing and improved processes.

Effective process optimization requires precise information. Knowledge is the most important factor in production, knowledge of one’s own processes determines competitiveness. The technical data evaluation enables the industrial processes to be optimized in terms of quality and energy. The collected data supports process monitoring, serve for documentation and fulfillment of legal obligations to provide evidence. The industry needs the right software, which creates the necessary transparency in order to be able to easily understand increasingly complex processes in a complicated world.

pdv-software GmbH is an independent German software manufacturer with extensive know-how in the field of recording material, mass and energy flows as well as laboratory solutions for assigning and monitoring quality data from production. The precise observation of all material movements, storage quantities and energy consumption creates the necessary transparency for advanced process optimization and improves the data base for controlling. Significant operational and quality reports, official evidence, data interfaces for the commercial processing of all facts obtained in production complete the services offered.

Laboratory data

Whether for production or for contract laboratories: our laboratory solutions collect – as automated as possible – all analytical data, linking technical and scientific facts with commercial data and covering all requirements – the connection of the analysis devices, the seamless SAP integration, the quality monitoring or the comprehensive reporting. For specialised areas of application, we offer special solutions, for example, for the detection of the wet slaking curve (NLK) or for production control.

Production data

Recognizing potential, saving costs, securing the future - the timely provision of information on process and production data determines the profitability of your business! Meaningful information is only obtained when data from process controllers are combined with data on quality, disturbance variables, procurement costs and become facts condensed in terms of content and time. Which plants, which units, which energy sources, which forms of energy run optimally under which factors? Our software creates the necessary transparency.

Quality control

We develop cross-system solutions for the consistent tracking and evaluation of all quality data along the value chain. Results from production are recorded manually or imported directly via interfaces from analytical devices or from external sources, stored centrally in a uniform structure, checked against deposited thresholds and prepared for meaningful evaluations. These data can be visualized for ongoing production processes, for example as quality control cards.

Process data

For more than 30 years, we have been involved in the collection of complex data and data streams. No matter whether digital values are transmitted as a V24 signal, as a network interface, via a database coupling, as a data telegram or as a system protocol interface (OPC): if the hardware provides a defined data stream, we can structure information and store it centrally in a database. From there, it is routine to process this data in any form for calculation, compaction, validation, consolidation or access security.


We bring the important information to the front! Large amounts of data from a wide variety of data sources require a flexible and simple reporting system. We combine the secure data storage in (existing) databases with the variety of functions of Microsoft Excel. With just a few clicks, you can transform the information into powerful reports, for example to monitor and optimize production or to comply with legal requirements.

Energy data

In addition to the energy costs, the legal requirements for the protection of the environment force manufacturing companies to rethink their energy consumption and use. The digitization of information offers a high potential for optimization. Energy efficiency can be sustainably improved using production and quality data. Our solutions for collection, analysis and evaluation of energy data create an overview of all electrical and thermal energy consumption within plant structures.

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