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pdv-software GmbH is an independent German software manufacturer with expertise in the acquisition of material, mass and energy flows as well as laboratory solutions for assigning and monitoring quality data from production. Effective process optimization requires accurate information! "Knowledge" is the most important factor of production, the knowledge of its own processes decide on the competitiveness.

Due to the technical data analysis, industry processes can sustainably improve quality and energy. The data obtained support the monitoring process, serve the documentation and meet the legal burden of proof. We develop and support the knowledge-based economy by offering a wide range of different activities whose common denominator is to obtain deeper information from existing and new processes and process flows.

The exact analysis of all material movements, all stock quantities and the use of energy (energy cost, qualitative relevance of different energy sources and environmental considerations (CO2)) creates the necessary transparency for advanced process optimization and improves the data base for controlling. Meaningful operating and quality reports, official evidence and data interface for the commercial processing of the facts obtained in production are also available. Our production-related expertise is complemented by project experience in logistics, controlling and inventory management.

More than 30 years of experience

The successful history of the pdv-software GmbH goes back to 1980. The practice-oriented composite team consists of qualified employees - computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers and technical writers. Much of the developed software is implemented as modules, often industry-neutral and thereby also for other production processes and reporting requirements applicable and cost-efficient. Special industry know-how we have acquired for the environment of building materials (cement, lime, gypsum), chemistry and metallurgy. That we are also successful for the banking industry, for training providers, for logistics as well as the creation of complex ecommerce shop systems for years, shows that we can adapt flexibly to new demands and are continually expanding our areas of expertise.   The fact that we remain specialists in our markets anyway succeeds because we constantly educate competence teams for different software technologies and industrial requirements. Software is a dynamic market and requires a high level of mental flexibility. We grow with demand and have fun in learning. We love the thematic, contextual and complex challenges.

Our focus - our know-how:

  • Technical applications in process and production-related environments
  • Laboratory information systems for the production and environmental area
  • Database applications based on Oracle, SQL-Server etc.
  • Optimization, extension or replacement of Excel and Access
  • Internet development for shop systems, Content-Management and database integration
  • Porting of  DEC-applications (VMS, RT-11, RSX) to modern systems
  • Specialized training courses and workshops